Judge list available

Champion of Champion Show 2017, President Cup 2017, Hungarian Breed Specialty : 2017. január 7-8. / 7-8. Januar 2017

A 2017 évi bírólista már elérhető - http://championshow.hu/…/championsh…/files/judge2017chch.pdf - the judgelist for this champion of champion show 2017 is available!

Entrance / Parking

Kedves kiállítóink , látogatóink:

Dear exhibitors , visitors:

Who will come for the show by car : you can parking at Albertirsai road or Hungexpo parking place, or the VIP parking place with prepayed parking ticket.
The Hungexpo parking place available from the Albertirsai road , across Gate VI.
If you parking on the Albertirsai road, you can come into the I. halle, the event will be in the Pavilon B.
If you bought your parking ticket with prepaid at our online system you need to print it and you can come from the VIP gate. This gate is the first gate on the Albertirsai road from Kerepesi road, before the expo hotel , in a small road.
The gates ( parking and halle ) will open at 7:00 o clock , you can come all day with your confirmations , not depend that is hungarian breed special cac or Champion Champion.
The gates ( parking and halle ) will open at 7:30 o clock at Sunday.

We wish you success and happy weekend for you , Hungarian Kennel Club show office.



Today or never

The last entry deadline for the Budapest Show Weekend is 30 th December 2015. The entries for the show will be accepted only online till 2015.12.10. , Thursday 24:00.


At the first weekend of 2016, you can meet your friends at the Hungexpo. On Saturday we organise the Speciality CAC for Hungarian national breeds, and also on this day, we choose the Champion of Champions 2016. The program will followed by an Award Gala, where Mr. András Korózs, the President of the Hungarian Kennel Club will award the Life Achievement Award of the Kennel Club, the awards for most successful Hungarian National Breeds' owners and breeders, and we proclaim the most successful Junior Handlers in the Hungarian Kennel Club.
On Sunday there will take place a FCI International Show where the visitors can be admired - and those who are interested - for the precious cups of the Hungarian Kennel Club.

online parking ticket: http://nevezes.dogshow.hu/i.php?f=ticket&L=1&SID=112&lang=en

Last chance ...

Last time, till 30. December 2015. , only online, only with bank card - www.nevezes.dogshow.hu



Deadline prolonged for 23 December 2015!

Online entries: nevezes.dogshow.hu
We accept entries by post or online for these shows until 23 December 2015 midnight.

This is the last chance that you enter your dogs for this show anyway.



10 December will come soon!


Today is already December, did you forget something? - Budapest Show Weekend entry deadline 10 December 2015.
( Champion of Champions , Hungarian Breed Specialty, President Cup CACIB)



I. entry deadline will close soon!

The  President Cup CACIB Show I. deadline will be 10 November 2015, midnight. You can enter your dog in the online system 10 November 2015. , at our office : Hungary, 1194 Budapest Hofherr Albert u 38-40 , or you can send for us by post : Hungary, 1194 Budapest Hofherr Albert u 38-40. Attentions , If you use our online system , you need to pay immediatly the entry fee at the system with bank card, because the system delete automaticly the not payed entries. You need to send all documentum ( entry form , copy of pedigree, bank transfer confirmation ) by post , if you payed your entries by bank transfer or you want pay at the show place



Special Champion rules

On the Champion of Champions Show, there will be an opportunity to gain the Hungarian Champion title! Those dogs, who are in foreign ownership, with foreign registration number, and already 15 months old, and wins Best Of Breed or Best Opposite Sex title on the Champion Show, those dogs can receive the title " Hungarian Champion".
The champion diploma can be applied for, at the showground, or later by post, the fee is 40 EUR. The diplomas will be sent by post in every case for the owners, the cup will be receivable at the showground.