Curriculum Vitae - Barbka Novak (SLO)

"Tender golden dogs with eyes made of amber whispers mysteries about pyramids of ancient Egypt about volcano Etna and promises to be – if you’ll understand them – your faithful companion and guardian angel for their lifetime – that’s Cirneco. They are independent and freee and you must simply love those distinctions if you want to accept, understand and love them, as they deserve. Border collies came into our kennel by chance. They fascinate me with their being. Total contrast to Cirnecos which are noble, aristocratic, energetic, gentle but still very independent and devoted. In their nature I found all prime manners of my favorite breeds – kuvasz, pumi and Cirneco. Gentle, faithful, decreed, diligent, to play the buffoon and loyal friends. These are reasons why they stay with me."    Barbka Novak, Seta del Oro Kennel


After years with mixbreed in early ’80, two purebred dogs came in my life : hungarian kuvasz Koviragsori Elza and cirneco dell’Etna Seta. Only two year latter, kennel name “Seta del Oro” – golden silk - was registered. I never was big breeder, but cirneco, coming out from my litters, were foundation dogs in many kennels and in many European countries, however in US. In 1997, a border collies enter into my life. This perfect dogs stays with me, as they are perfect combination between cirneco and kuvasz. “Seta del Oro” dogs gained for 6 world champion title, 3 world junior champion title, 8 European champion, 2 European junior and 2 European veteran champion title and 1 World veteran winner. However over 60 different champion titles belong to “Seta del Oro” dogs, from this over 10 international show champion. I am very proud, that border collie out of “Seta del Oro” is qualified for Cruft’s as first Slovenian breed border collie. However, also one of best Slovenian individual result in large on agility world championship went to our kennel. Not just show title, also lure coursing champion and agility champion are born with “Seta del Oro” name and several dogs passed also HWT. In last years, show-passion was replaced by passion of work with border collie’s. I am international show judge sincer 1993. I am International judge for group I, IV, V, X and part of FCI IX and  II, also junior handling. I was president of board of judges for Junior Handling  of Slovenian Kennel Club and president of breeding comitee for Belgian shepdogs and British sheepdogs.  For a many years I was president and then  vice-president of Dog-Club “Fido Hrušica” and I am member in several Slovenian breed clubs and local club.  For 8 year I was member of board of editors of Slovenian kennel Club magazine – Kinolog. I wrote a lot of article about dogs, special Cirneco dell’Etna, which were published in Slovenia and abroad. I have been judged all over the Europe on many special shows however, also all breed shows and European and World dog shows. I hold Master degree in management of lifelong learning, bsc degree in business economy and law, I am Coach (ICF) and NLP Master practitioner. I am employed as Head of human resource and procurist in global Swiss company Belimed, member of Metall Zug group. With my 3 dogs I live in Kranj. I’m looking forward to contribute to your show.




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Champion of Champions Show, Hungarian National Breed Speciality, President Cup CACIB Show

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