Champion of Champions Show

To the Champion Of Champions Show, dogs with the following titles can be entered:

Intenational Champion, FCI National Champion, Junior Champion and Veteran Champion.

Order of judgings:

The judges will rank maximum 4 dogs, by breed and gender, then they will choose the best male and best female, who obtain the title "Champion of Champions". For the BOB and BOS titles the best males and best females will compete.

Following this, the Best Of Breed (BOB) dogs will be competeing after the judgement of the whole group, in the same ring of the breed judgement. In this Group judging, the judge will not place the dogs, but will choose dogs for "Fight a Duel " system in the Best In Show Progamme:

 I. Group: 3 dogs

II. Group: 4 dogs

III. Group: 2 dogs

IV. Group: 2 dogs

V. Group: 2 dogs

VI. Group: 2 dogs

VII. Group: 2 dogs

VIII. Group: 2 dogs

IX. Group: 3 dogs

X. Group: 2 dogs


„Fight a duel” system Best in Show programme

24 dogs were choosen from the groups, this will be narrowed to 12 by the judges in the Best In Show, later to 6 dogs, and finally they choose the best 3.

In the last final, the 3 dogs will be given points by the judges, the 1st gets 3 points, 2nd gets 2 points, the 3rd gets 1 point. 
The dog, who wins the most points will be the winner. In point similarity (dead heat) the majority of votes of the judges will decide.



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Champion of Champions Show, Hungarian National Breed Speciality, President Cup CACIB Show

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